Gloucestershire Old Spots Pigs

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Gasper Family Farm (GFF) raises heritage breed, Gloucestershire Old Spots pigs (GOS). We sell feeder pigs, breeding stock, and delicious pork from our pedigreed GOS pigs.

We focus on producing high quality and healthy hogs and so we select heavily for quality and raise them strictly according to organic/natural methods. The pigs are grazed year round and fed only local, certified organic grains. All our hogs are registered solely with the Gloucestershire Old Spots of America (GOSA).

About The Gloucestershire Old Spots Pig

The Gloucestershire Old Spots is a beautiful breed with a distinctive white coat marked with black spots that is becoming popular among homesteaders, pork producers, consumers and chefs alike. This breed was historically grazed on small farms; producing high quality pork and making its living grazing orchards, eating windfalls, consuming waste whey. The breed escaped the confinement fad of industrial agriculture and still reflects this heritage today.

Production Advantages

GOS pigs are hardy, docile, easy keepers that love to graze, are easy on pastures and thrive when reared outdoors on alternative feeds. It is a maternal breed with careful, non-threatening mothers who are easy to handle.

Gourmet Quality Pork

Old Spots pigs produce high quality pork. Their pork is red, marbled, succulent and vastly superior to that produced by the more common breeds. Raised right, it is a pork that sells itself which people can't stop raving about. The GOS pig is a pork breed, producing a nicely balanced, marbled carcass that is neither too lean nor too fat even at heavy weights.

And we're not alone in raving about this pork. The British GOS producers succeeded in getting protected status for their pork in the EU under a Traditionally Specialty Guaranteed designation by showing that GOS pork, traditionally raised, is tastier, more succulent, and more tender than pork from modern breeds. Even as far back as the middle 19th century this breed was considered to produce prime pork.

Heritage Breed Advantage

The Gloucestershire Old Spots is the oldest pedigreed spotted breed in the world and made significant contributions to many breeds including the National Spots Hog, Minnesota No 3, and Chester White. The Old Spots, a traditional small-farm pig in Britain, and was passed up in the rush to modernity that saw so many old breeds improved for hyper-efficiency and hyper-leanness in confinement conditions. But with peak oil and rising feed and fuel costs the intensive, high input confinement system is coming to an end. The GOS pigs remains the producer of prime pork it was in antiquity and retains many valuable traits lost to the common 'improved' breeds. Long raised on pasture they excel in extensive forage systems using alternative feeds. They have great maternal traits with good pig survivability without coddling. And they are easy keeping, easy handling pigs due to their hardiness and docility.

A Breed for the Future

The Old Spots pig is the ideal pig for homesteaders and pork producers alike. With rising feed and fuel costs and increasing consumer demand for buying direct from the farmer pork that healthy, good tasting pork and raised right, the GOS pig is the breed for the future.

For Sale

Pigs For Sale:

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Feeder Pigs

With our GOS feeder pigs you're getting high quality, naturally raised stock that have never been treated with chemicals or pharmaceuticals, and have been fed organic feed and raised outdoors on pasture. We don't baby our stock so you'll get hardy, healthy pigs that will do well on alternative feeds and forages while producing top quality pork with organic feeds. Our sows farrow on pasture and so your feeders have been acclimated to foraging outdoors from day one.

Our feeders are in great demand and there is often a waiting list. We've had several folks come back to us after trying something 'cheaper' of another breed and being disappointed. There is nothing like a GOS pig. To learn more sign up for our newsletter. To get on our waiting list please take our GOS Welcome Survey.

GFF Breeding Stock

When you buy breeding stock produced by Gasper Family Farm you are getting top, breeding quality pigs. Our pig's registration numbers are denoted by farm code 'GFF', a mark of quality. We practice strict selection for multiple traits and breed conformity. We keep or sell as breeders only the best pigs from the litter. Many farms sell everything in the litter, thereby propagating substandard genetics. But not every pig is breeding quality and the highest purpose for many is to be ate. When you buy a GFF pig you can have confidence you're buying quality.

We breed strictly according to breed's Cyclic Breeding system. We have sows of the Black Bluebell, Green Princess and Red Princess Mary lines and boars from every line (Patrick, Gerald, Rufus, and Sambo). We practice good stewardship of this treasured British breed by utilizing cyclic breeding along with pedigree analysis, culling, and selection in order to maintain and improve the breed.

Breeding stock is sold as weened piglets and as breeding age stock. Availability is limited and we often have a waiting list. To be kept up to date on pricing and availability sign up for our newsletter. To get on our waiting list please take our GOS Welcome Survey.


We take reservations at all times for our great tasting, organically fed, pastured pork. It is available three ways: Bulk Freezer Pork, Pork Family Varieties Packs, and as individual pork cuts. To order, visit our farm's website at or email us at



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Educational Materials

We will be posting a number of useful guides here to help our fellow producers improve their pig keeping skills!

About Us

Gasper Family Farm

Gasper Family Farm is a small, diversified family farm in southeast Kansas. The farm is the full time endeavor of Peter and Susan Gasper in addition to raising 5 wonderful young boys Daniel, Nathan, Timothy, Matthew and John (and another one on the way). We produce a wide variety of meats, vegetables and fruits for direct sale to consumers in eastern Kansas and western Missouri; especially in the Kansas City area. We produce everything using organic methods and heritage breeds. All our food is sold direct and none of our product is sold to the commodity markets. This focus on food production for local eaters keeps us grounded in pork production that meets peoples needs and provides a ready market for our culls.

GOSA Genetics Project

Pete Gasper is now working with the GOS pig breeders association for the US, GOS America, as Project Leader on their Genetics Special Project. He'll be working on a pig census, herd assessments and planning, and educational materials for breeders.

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